8 million tonnes and Starbucks guilt

Did you see this bottle? It’s a Fairy Liquid bottle, that’s at least 47 years old. It was washed up on Brean Beach in Somerset last week, along with 400 tonnes of rubbish.  And what’s amazing is the condition the bottle is in still. I say amazing,  I mean depressing. 

The next piece of the puzzle

If you recall my post from last week, you’ll know that we’re exhibiting at the B2B Exhibition at Carrow Road in October. We’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready for the expo, and I realised that it might actually be quite useful to share the process we go through to prepare […]

The countdown begins

You might be wondering what I mean by countdown. But don’t worry, I’m not going to suddenly start spouting about Ch*****as – you’ll get enough of that when you start seeing mince pieces in Sainsburys in the next three weeks.

Off the water and all at sea

As I sat down on my desk on the Tuesday of this week, I had a feeling that brought me back to my childhood. That ‘back to school’ feeling.

No rest for the wicked

As you know, I was busy with Wroxham Week last week, but my busyness has shown zero signs of abating now that’s all out of the way. In addition to the full-time work that is Expert Print Management, Karen and I are also in the process of moving house (fingers crossed we’ll have completed by the time you […]

No handbook

I’ve been pretty preoccupied this last week, which is why I’ve only just posted this blog. I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs though – I’ve been super busy with Wroxham Week – a fantastic sailing event organised by Norfolk Broads Yacht Club at Wroxham Broad. It’s been all go, and we’ve had a fabulous time. But it […]

Boardrooms and flip flops

Well, this heatwave just keeps going on and on, doesn’t it? Just to be clear, I’m definitely not complaining! When it’s this hot though, business does change a little bit. Everyone’s much happier, and meetings tend to get conducted in shorts and flip flops rather than starched shirts and ties. And after getting over the […]

No longer prohibitive

We were doing some clearing out at home the other day, when Karen came across this: The quote stems from the days when she was working for a large marketing agency in Norwich – one of their clients needed to produce some leaflets, so she reached out to one of the established printers of the […]


I’m guessing there were some glum faces in your office yesterday? Mine too. The pain of England getting knocked out of a tournament is unlike pretty much anything else, and this pain feels especially bad given that the path to World Cup glory did seem to open up in a seriously surprising way.

It might seem ‘woo woo’, but…

Let’s level with each other: we’ve both seen the Simon Sinek video.

We know all about ‘starting with why’, and why ‘what you do’ is only important in the context of ‘why you do what you do’.

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t usually go in for this fluffy, woo-woo stuff.