Getting Physical

Time is marching on now, and I’m beginning to feel relatively comfortably uttering the word “Christmas” – yes, it really is that close folks.

Generally speaking business in December is usually one of two extremes – super busy, or winding down to something approaching a halt.

But whether you’re frantically working to fulfil all your work, or you’re taking stock ahead of next year, what you won’t fail to notice are the Christmas cards and gifts that make their way onto your desk, and – depending on your business – make their way onto your clients’ desks too.

The festive season is a great time to make people aware of how much you appreciate them, and if you put a bit of thought into your gift, it’s a fantastic way to make sure that they remember you for months to come.

But you know the interesting thing?

When we want to show appreciation at Christmas, we ALWAYS do it physically.

We don’t send an email, or a text. We provide something physical, whether it’s a card, a bottle of Champagne or a branded thingamajig.

Why? Because it means more.

The virtual world is all well and good, but it’s transient and temporary – you’ll read this email and then either store it away or delete it, and it’s gone.

Sure, there’ll be a lingering effect, but it’s not the same as having a physical reminder that never goes anywhere.

So, as Christmas approaches I’ve got two main pointers:

1. If you’re wondering about what to do for your clients Christmas, why not consider a branded product? You can check out our range here.

2. As you set your goals for next year, I strongly suggest you consider the power of physical. You can do all the email and Facebook in the world, but that won’t sit on peoples’ desks. Well-designed direct mail, brochures and newsletters WILL, and not only that: they’ll serve as a constant reminder of who you are and what you do.

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