Mix It Up!

Mix it up

While we’re still probably a few days away from finding out how and when lockdown is going to be relaxed, I’m already noticing that more and more businesses are returning to work.

Without doubt, social distancing has been top of the list when planning the logistics of any resumption of business activity. But businesses will also need to consider the bigger problem of keeping the social distancing message front of mind for the weeks and months to come.

Posters, banners – even flags will do this effectively, but after a relatively short time, we’ll become blind to the message – and that’s when we’ll forget about the risks involved.

So we need to mix things up a bit; swap the banner stand from reception for a poster, swap a red background poster in the accounts office for a yellow background poster from the sales office – keeping the same products, but just moving them to new areas.

It’s just going to be a matter of doing what ever you can to refresh the message, every week or so.

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