No longer prohibitive

We were doing some clearing out at home the other day, when Karen came across this:

No longer prohibitive

The quote stems from the days when she was working for a large marketing agency in Norwich – one of their clients needed to produce some leaflets, so she reached out to one of the established printers of the time and asked for a price.

And as you can hopefully see, 5,000 leaflets came out at £405.

Anyway, when Karen passed me the quote the other day, I made that whistling noise that people make when something is really expensive, like they can’t quite imagine how their credit card is going to cope with a purchase.

You see, 31 years later, I’d be able to fulfil that exact same job for around £255.

That’s 37% cheaper, 31 years later.

Now, I won’t get into the pricing policy of Essex Telegraph Press in Colchester, but what I will say is that this shows that print is no longer prohibitive.

For several years, many businesses viewed print as a luxury, which they couldn’t afford.

But thanks to technology, print has become far more affordable, which means your next direct mail campaign or leafleting initiative gives you much more chance of delivering a return on investment.

Is it perhaps a good time for you to reconsider print as part of your marketing mix?

Oh – and just to be clear, I don’t think the guys at the Essex Telegraph Press were greedy, I promise – printing in 1987 was just far more expensive!

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