Promotional products never go out of fashion. We all love a freebie and no matter how far up they are in the food chain, even CEO’s can’t resist picking up a free pen or giving their stress space capsule a squeeze. Yes, you read that right – we’ve got everything from stress beds to bricks and even a squeezable Eiffel Tower. Plus, we’ve got different kinds of keyrings, a wide choice of clothing as well as eco and recycled products for eco-conscious customers and much more.

From classic to quirky, if you’re looking for promotional products that help you stand out we’ve got you covered. And you can design online, so in 3 simple steps you can pick your product, create your design and buy – what we like to call pick, play, pay.

Say it in

Expert Promo is our specialist website packed with customisable branded promotional products. We’ve got literally hundreds of products for you to choose from, so you’re bound to find the right products that scream ‘we’re practical and professional’ or ‘we’re cool and convenient’ or however you’d like your brand to be perceived.

So there's no escape

From marketing campaigns to exhibition giveaways and much more, we’ve got a whole host of items that can help you spread the word about your brand and help raise brand awareness in a way that isn’t possible with other forms of marketing. Imagine if every time your customer has a cup of tea they’re using your branded mug, or they’re crunching numbers on your branded calculator or even doing the weekly shop with the help of your branded jute bag – your brand will be lodged in the minds of customers time and time again.

We’ve made it super easy to see our wide range of promotional products. Check out our dedicated website or browse our online catalogues.

Expert Promo Branded Waterbottles