Take home

The Norfolk Chamber B2B Exhibition is just around the corner now, and I wanted to start this week’s article by stating an important truth:

However good your stand is, however wonderful your giveaway is and however switched-on your staff are, you won’t be able to convert every prospect that engages with you.

To be honest, you won’t convert many on the day at all.

Yes, you’ve got more chance of making sales at an expo if you’re selling something low ticket, but the reality is that even then, you’ll still have a lot of the right people showing up to your stand and then walking away without buying.

I’m not trying to depress you here, but I wanted to give this introduction because it illustrates the fact that there’s something important that you simply can’t neglect:

What will your prospects take home?

If you’re serious about making an exhibition a success, then it’s important to have some promotional literature and/or product that you can give out to interested people on the stand.

Doing this allows your sales message to be consumed away from the hustle and bustle of the expo, and increases your chances of converting that person once the dust has settled.

So, what does that giveaway look like?

I can’t answer that question for you, but I can give you a few pointers on how to create something that’s going to get read and not discarded:

1- Powerful, benefit-driven headline

A lot of business owners will get brochures designed for expos, but they’ll undo a lot of hard work by neglecting to put a headline on the brochure. Instead, they’ll feature their company name or logo prominently.

The problem is that once the prospect has left their stand, there’s every chance they’ll forget your business name, which means that when they empty their bag that evening, your literature just blends in with everyone else’s.

By including a headline as well as a logo, you have the opportunity to re-sell them on what you do – when they happen across the brochure they’ll be compelled to read it, because the headline speaks directly to them and promises them a result that they desire.

2 – Eye-catching

We’ve started getting some of our promotional stuff done in yellow. It’s a pretty brash colour, but it means that it stands out in a sea of pastels and black and white.

3 – Good quality

A well designed brochure that oozes quality, or a useful giveaway sets a great first impression and it’s less likely that it’ll be thrown away when they get home.

4 – Testimonials

Prospects are far more likely to trust words from existing customers than they are anything that you say, so be sure to liberally sprinkle testimonials all over your literature.

Take a look at our Expert Branding website for some promotional giveaway ideas or email hello@expertbranding.co.uk and we’ll pop a catalogue in the post to you.

If you need a hand with sourcing your print or promotional product, give us a shout!

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