Ups and Downs!

Covid 19

Well, I’ve had some ups and downs in my life, but I really have never witnessed anything like this.

I’m guessing you’re probably in the same boat.

Covid-19 has really hit the world for six, and it’s my earnest hope that in these first couple of weeks, you’ve been able to put a plan in place to see you through this period.

Having spoken to a lot of business owners in recent days, I know this crisis has affected people in lots of different ways.

Some peoples’ businesses and their income have been shut off, pretty much overnight.

For others, it’s been the complete opposite – a surge in demand for what they offer.

This can be similarly difficult to cope with, especially when you’re reliant on supply chains and a decrease in staff availability.

And of course, there are thousands of us in the middle.

From our perspective as a “print management” company rather than a “printer”, we’ve been fielding calls from businesses who can’t use their usual print supplier because they’re closed, and want to know whether we can help, given the fact that we deal with printing companies all over the UK.

The truth is that some of our suppliers are shut down, but there’s others that are still working. So if you do need to get something printed, or need some costings, then we’ll be able to help you – just get in touch whenever you’re ready.

I certainly wouldn’t class myself a motivational speaker, but I’d just like to share some wise words shared with me a few days ago.

Yes, things are bad. Yes, they’ll be bad for a while yet.
But it will end, and what we do with our businesses now, is what will define where we are when we reach that end. 

It was good advice, so I thought I’d pass it on. If there’s anything we can do to help you to prepare for when this is over (whether it’s planning a campaign, getting a project costed, or anything else), just get in touch.

Please stay safe, and look after your loved ones.

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