Watsons see print costs reduced by 30%

Watsons first came to Expert Print Management in early 2015 after hearing about how we could lower their print costs without compromising on quality. Like most new customers, they were keen to test us out first, having never having used a print management company before.

Nathan Humphreys, Head of Residential Management at Watsons tells the story much better than I can:

“As with all our new suppliers we elected to try out Expert Print Management with a small order to check their performance. With 75 staff, we have a high demand for business cards and we were unhappy with our incumbent supplier’s cards. The print quality was substandard and the card material itself was flimsy and weak”

“Not only did Expert Print Management solve the quality issues, but they also managed to save us 30% on our supplier’s price. Changing the supplier for all our business cards was a no-brainer. Since then Watsons have moved a number of other printed products to Expert Print Management. We now have our brochures, details paper, letterheads and window graphics printed through Expert Print Management.”

Nathan goes on to add: “All of these changes came with a significant cost saving as well as an increase in quality and we are now using Expert Print Management for over 80% of our printing. Expert Print Management have become a trusted supplier.”

“One of the biggest differences Expert Print Management has made to is with their personal touch. Whenever one of our staff call Expert Print Management, they’re always straight through to one of the team, all of whom have an extensive knowledge of the industry.”

If you would like to find out how Expert Print Management could work with your business – please call on 01603 397704.

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